How much would the training cost me?

The cost of the training program varies depends on 1. the type of course that you enrol; 2. The time of your enrolment (early bird or late enrolment); 3. How many people you enrol (e.g. individual vs. group enrolment*); 4. Who trains you; and 5. Variation due to local market pricing.

(*a group constitute 3 or more attendees. In such case, a group discount will be provided to the attendees)

Early booking is always recommended to get an extra discount. We also offer group discounts.

How would I find out about the seat availability?

Normally training schedule would be posted online in advance. If you plan to take any of our training, it is a good idea to visit our website on a frequent basis. You could also sign up for our email updates. If you’re very desperate to get into one of our training programs, it is better to call and speak to us directly to explain the reason for such request. We shall try to accommodate your special request and enrol you if feasible.

How can I refer my friends/connections?
Please sign up for our ‘Refer & Earn Program’ (REP). It is very easy to refer your friends by entering their email addresses one at a time, sharing your referral links via social media.

What types of payments are accepted?

Payment via credit or debit cards or direct bank transfers is normally accepted. For company invoices (available for a group of 3 or more course attendees), a purchase order is needed 2-3 weeks prior to the due date of the training. A receipt or confirmation will be provided to all the participants.

Can payment via cash, demand draft (DD), or Bank Checks be accepted?


How do I book my certificate exam once the training is complete?
Once you complete your training program, the instructor will submit your details to the appropriate agency. You will receive an email from them inviting you to take part in the online exam. Additional details will be provided in the email. They will also provide an expiry date within which the exam has to be taken by the candidates. 

What is the prerequisite for attending your training?


What is the advantage of taking your training course?

Basically, anyone (functional, technical, and/or management staff) could attend our training. Our courses are geared towards those who wants to grasp the full knowledge on a particular subject or want to succeed in their career should only attend our course.

What if I faced a technical issue during the exam?
If you were unable to complete the course due to technical issues, please contact us. We shall guide you through.

Will this training/certificate help my career?

Most certainly! As many of the courses are considered as a benchmark among industries, these certifications would add value to the participants.

What are the deliverables for these training programs?

All participants would receive specially tailored course materials. We will also provide access to our additional reading materials through our online portals.

How will the participants be evaluated?

Some of these courses would require full attendance for the training program. That will be the only requirement. Others would have the only examination from the certifying bodies. Usually, the examination will be in the form of multiple choice format. You could easily pass these exams, if you attended the complete session, actively participated and/or interacted in the session, asked questions and cleared your doubts, observed the question and answer sessions, etc.

What type of professional development units (PDUs) would be offered for attending these courses?

Each training would have some sort of PDUs associated with it. However, the number of PDUs varies depend on the type of training that you attend. This information would be shared during the training sessions.

Can you put me on your mail list to update on the upcoming training programs?

Yes. Please get in touch with us.

Would you consider undertaking enterprise level training for our staff or offer private consultations?

Yes. Please get in touch with us.

What are the cancellation/rescheduling policy?

21 days or earlier – 100% refund

less that 21 days – 50% refund

less than 14 days – No refunds

Change of attendee – No penalty

Change of date due to unfavorable circumstances – will be communicated.

How can I identify proper accommodation near the training venue?

With regards to nearby accommodations, there is numerous help available online. Also, please check with your friends in person or through social media. Online booking might give some extra discounts in some hotels.

What if I would like to reach out to you through the phone?

You’re welcome to call us or email us. If we don’t pick your call immediately, please do email us with your telephone number, the reason for the call, and the best time to reach you. One of our staff will call and speak to you.

Do I need to pay an additional examination fee?

Normally the course fee does not include examination fee. The examination fee varies. Details will be discussed during the training programs.

Am I allowed to reach out to your training faculty directly?

Yes, you can.