Who we are

Inspect and Adapt Technologies is a company specialized in consulting and training in improving organizational processes focused on product/software development and technology.

What we do

Inspect & Adapt Technologies is one of the leading providers of agile training for product development professionals. Over the decades, our trainers have helped thousands of students and professionals

Area of competence

Our business is to share, complement and integrate valuable knowledge. Our focus is excellence and always doing better is what nourishes our achievement.

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  • Project evaluation
  • Product management consulting
  • Team development
  • Agile coaching
  • Enterprise transformation

Managing and evaluating projects requires methodologies, techniques, and tools to deliver quality results in shorter deadlines, with fewer resources, and at lower costs.

Our Project Management services meet this demand for specialized and transitional activities, which often run away from the client’s business profile. We have a highly qualified team, experienced and trained to understand the real pains and problems, designing and implanting solutions that allow us to observe superior results in the short, medium and long term.

We act in an integrated way to the client’s team, as an extension of its structure, establishing a base of support for its employees.

With great experience and knowledge in consulting and management, we can contribute with the experience and knowledge necessary for the success of your project.

Our team is prepared to offer customized advice tailored to the needs of each client, according to the environment, steps, and processes of Project Management.

Services provided by us:

❖        Project Structuring

❖        PMO Deployment – Project Management Office

❖        Maturity Assessment in Projects

❖        Development of Methodologies

❖        Definition of Processes and Patterns

❖        Support in the Selection of Management Software

❖        Coordination and Follow-up of Projects

❖        Inspection and Audit in Projects

❖        Project Recovery

❖        Training and Coaching

Follows a brief description of some of these services offered by our company:

Project Management Consulting

Introduce an effective Project Management methodology in your organization, or strengthen the methodology you already have. Development and implementation of project management and corporate strategy in project management.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Have all the management and control benefits a Project Management Office (PMO) can provide. Standardize the methodology, provide support and training, establish a set of standardized controls, institutionalize the project management culture, and meet or exceed stakeholder expectations.

The implementation of a Project Office involves aspects of governance, people management, change management, and systems.

Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Have expert follow-up with your critical projects, with support through planning, construction, and delivery to your key clients.

We develop project plans that are compatible with the best practices proposed by the Project Management Institute – PMI, in conjunction with your company team, including the identification of requirements and project needs. From this identification is developed the planning and definition of the scope, the unfolding of the scope in activities and tasks, the development of the logical network, the analysis of risks and countermeasures, as well as the survey, forecasting, and optimization of costs and human resources associated with each task.

 We at Inspect And Adapt Technologies believe that good product management can lead your company to a strategic position in the market.

Faced with challenges and demands from various directions, the manager needs the tools and speed to sustain the current environment and support the business in its strategic actions.

It is necessary to design the path and direction of IT to organize itself in a new, strategic, high-performance role and aimed at generating differentials in the organization and in the segment that it operates.

We develop solutions to meet every moment that IT is, helping in its journey towards a new role in the organization.

Within this context, we work with highly qualified consulting, emphasizing the following points that we believe are relevant:

★        Strategic objectives of the company

★        Market needs (benchmarking)

★        Innovation

★        Specific customer needs

★        Legal requirements

★        Version Control (Configuration Management Reference)

★        Product Quality (Software Product Quality)

★        Meeting deadlines with clients

★        Productivity of the development and testing team


Inspect and Adapt Technologies counts on professionals specialized in consulting, training, advisory in product management.


★        Diagnosis of current processes

★        Consultancy to implement improvements and good practices of Scrum and other agile methodologies

★        Selection, configuration, and adjustment of tools


★        Open Training

★        In-company training (customized to the needs of your company) Diagnosis of current processes


★        Process Audits

★        Configuration Audits

★        Collection and analysis of indicators

★        Process Documentation


★        Corporate and Process Portals

★        Policies and guidelines

★        Process and activity flows

★        Procedures

★        Guides, guides, and manuals

★        Document templates, checklists

Inspect and Adapt Technologies works in the development of your team through an efficient coaching process, which is a program for team building and the synergistic development of skills.

Although well-intentioned, teams often assume behaviors and processes that do not always lead to mutual satisfaction and results. Team coaching and mentoring ultimately results in performance enhancement, professionalism, enhanced professional collaboration, and hyper-performance.

Since our focus is on development teams, especially those who work in the agile development model, it is fundamental that teams are multidisciplinary and highly efficient in the development process, so team coaching will help your teams reach this level.

The continuous improvement of the performance of the high-performance teams is guaranteed by directing all the potential and action for the development of competencies and the pursuit of goals.

In addition to the strong integration of the team, which finds one in the other support to deal with adversity, each participant experiences the practice of a new behavior that will significantly impact on their results, evaluating, each month, the effectiveness of the change, seeking together New possibilities to intensify and solidify the process.

Today it is cheaper to develop software; in contrast, we have a demand for increasingly faster deliveries, with frequent changes throughout the development cycle. Based on these demands, we are ready to transfer technology and empower all those interested in the project in the best practices of software engineering and agile management, expanding collaboration among the entire team.

Our main service is to help companies understand what agility is and how their practices can work properly in their project development and product development environments.

We take a working model that empowers your company to understand and train people in the new roles of agile management and development, and to know, apply, and develop agile market practices, methods, and frameworks, and bring your business to a new stage of efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

With Coaching and Mentoring we guide your company through an organizational transformation to implement agile in your areas of product development, projects, teams and other departments.

In this consultancy, we work together with the entire development team, finding and correcting failures in the use of agile development techniques within the project, validating the software development, giving support directly to the developers so that they can stay focused on the agile practices without leaving aside the productivity and, above all, the delivery of the project.

Talk to our consultants and transform your organization’s way to develop products and manage projects with efficient and effective agile methodologies.

Enterprise agile transformation and Agile Architecture

The consulting in Enterprise Agile Transformation carried out by our company is the result of a broad work, considering all the managerial, technical and administrative aspects related.

Currently, entrepreneurship is one of the main responsible for the economic and social development of a country. However, lack of experience and knowledge can easily lead companies to make mistakes that are often fatal to their business. Within this context, it is necessary to use agile methods and DevOps concepts to design development strategies and to adapt to the business needs. In view of this new scenario, our company can help you avoid making the same mistakes that many companies have already made in adopting an agile software development model.

Our solution integrates the best in the agile world, using the end-to-end SCRUM framework, XP (eXtreme Programming) and the state of the art in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). In this way, it is possible to have control of the life cycle of the application while remaining agile. This is a best-practice development solution, further enhancing software quality by using architecture and code standardization, Integrated Unit and Unit Testing, enabling immediate feedback using the Continuous Integration (CI) concept. In this way, anticipating any deviation in its development cycle with the maximum management information collected throughout the project.

The first step is a Gap Analysis consulting so that we can understand the project’s current maturity, then agile management training using SCRUM or XP (eXtreme Programming), in addition to deployment, using DDD, TDD, BDD, IoC, Mock. All this so that your company gains the best experience in software maturity with ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), developing with quality from the beginning.

Our consulting in Agile Development is based on Scrum and XP (eXtreme Programing) methodologies, which are already well established in the software industry and adaptable to projects of diverse complexities and scopes. The combination of these two methodologies is due to the fact that Scrum practices are more focused on project planning and management, while XP practices prioritize the technical part of software development. In this way, the combination of both is perfect for the development of quality software.

During the consulting for the implementation of agile methodology, our team monitors the execution of the process during an agreed period, which can cover the whole development cycle of a product or just a set of deliveries. To do so, we act as follows:

★        Training: The Inspect and Adapt Technologies offers training on the principles and values of agile software development, in addition to addressing in detail the methodologies and frameworks most used in the market: Scrum, XP, and Kanban.

★        Process Definition: After the team training phase, the next step is to define the best way to adapt agile methodologies to the context and needs of the company, seeking to adapt the proposed practices to the reality in which they will be applied.

★        Planning: Before beginning the development of the product in the defined methodology, our consultant guides the Product Owner and team members in the definition of Vision and RoadMap of the product. These definitions then serve as a guide for configuring the product backlog and its priorities.

★        Development Sprints: In this stage, development sprints are performed, when the product is effectively developed using the defined methodology. Our consultant works by offering to coach to the Scrum Master and supporting the entire team to adjust their way of working to the practical situations of the project, thus helping to create a culture of continuous improvement.

★        Closing: Our consultant guides the team in the project retrospective and discussion of lessons learned, helping to identify improvement opportunities for future projects. The idea is that the methodology implemented will remain in constant evolution, even after the end of the consultancy.

In addition, our Services in Agile Development include:

❖        DevOps Services (Methodology and managed service of DevOps including planning, deployment, and operation);

❖        Allocation of IT professionals (DevOps, Dev, QA, DBA, Mobile);

❖        Application analysis (Advanced diagnostics in applications, performance, scalability, and continuity);

❖        Application Management Service (AMS) (complete solution for outsourcing and application management);

❖        Cloud Services (Management, development, and operation);

❖        Data Bus (Big Data, Data Science, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Data Engineer, Machine learning);

❖        Development of API’s and Enterprise Mobile Apps;

❖        Enterprise Apps (Advanced consulting in architecture and software engineering);

❖        Enterprise Agile Services (Strategy, Training, Coaching, and Monitoring).

Agile Architecture

The quest for maturity in the software development cycle must undergo a review of all software architecture practices with the goal of standardizing the development and preparing the project for growth and business maintenance over the long term using a robust and extensible architecture implemented As the business evolves.

We have a team of experienced software architects who understand the needs of your project and guide you to the future, using the best practices currently in the market, thus saving time for research and development.

Our agile software architecture consulting proposition brings a unique maturity model to your project encompassing complete training on agile architecture through concepts and practice in Domain Driven Design (DDD), Inverse Control (IoC), Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Mock and Assisted Operation Consulting during a pilot project based on the proposed architecture using all the good practices seen in training.

With several projects implemented in our portfolio, we have all the necessary experience in software architecture to offer your business accelerators going directly to the most important points breaking the paradigms of experienced developers with new strategies developing safely and speed.

Please contact support for some specialized offer for your project scenario.